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Dolphin Academy - The Greatest School in the World

What is it that makes dolphins so special? Is it their friendliness, their trusting nature or is it their smile? Fact is that dolphins love people and people love dolphins.

Dolphin Academy offers a variety of programs in which you can interact with the dolphins. Touching, caressing, diving, swimming, training, and kissing, it's all possible. You can also attend our free daily educational presentations or just observe the dolphins from the side of their natural lagoon.

And because The Dolphin Academy are eager for you to learn something from your close encounter with our dolphins, education is an important part of the many programs offered at the Dolphin Academy, located at the Curacao Sea Aquarium. Whatever you choose to do at Dolphin Academy, it will be an experience never to forget!

Dolphin Dive - US$179.- p.p.
Diving among the dolphins really is a sensational experience! This programm can be attended by certified divers only.

Dolphin Snorkel - $154.- p.p.
Our Dolphin Snorkel Program offers you the rare opportunity to learn more about the Bottlenose Dolphin while snorkeling (free diving) with them in their natural salt water lagoon. Prior to the activity, you will receive instructions from the dolphin trainers.

Dolphin Swim - US$144.- p.p.
Swimming among and with the dolphins, accompanied by our trainers. Before going into the water you will be prepared for what you can expect. Only for experienced swimmers with a minimal lenght of 1.30 meter. Click here for more information!

Dolphin Encounter - US$64 p.p.
This program offers you ery close interaction with the dolphins in shallow water. Before you encounter the dolphins you will be fully prepared (min. age 3 years).

Dolphin Academy is located at Sea Aquarium Curaçao
Open: Every day from 8:30am - 4:30pm
Entrance fee: US$15.- (tax included)
Children under 12 US$7.50 (tax included)
Rates are subject to change
Call for Reservations: 465 8900 or 461 6666 (ext. 5101)

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