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Bon Bini Curacao Tours  For Reservations Mail to: tours@bonbinicuracao.com

00. West/East Tour

visit the island's many Plantation Houses and nicest beaches
Discover the history of the island in a very unique way!
This tour will start you off with a visit to the St Willibrordus Plantation House. Along the way we will make a stop at the salt ponds, where lots of Flamigo's are looking for their daily food. The tour continues its way to the next Plantation House, called Jan Kok. In this unique historic house, you will be able to admire masterpieces of our local artist: Nena Sanchez. Landhuis Santa Martha is next, followed by stops along the most beautiful beaches Kenepa & Westpunt. The final stop will be at Curaçao's pride: Boca Tabla. This unique tour starts you off with a nice historical look at parts of the island's capital: Scharloo and Punda. Through Curaçao's hottest neigborhood called Saliña we will drive you to Plantation House Chobolobo, where you can attend the Curaçao Liquor tasting! Taste Curaçao's finest! After that the tour will continue its way to Caracasbaai, Jan Thiel and the Spanish Water. Be amazed and enjoy the finest souvenir shops!

Duration of each tour: 3 hours
Departure time: On Request

Departure days: Everyday
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 30,-  Rack Rate per child:US$ 15,- (< 12yrs.)
Includes: entrance fees, air-conditioned bus and full narration in selected language


The most popular way to experience the capital Willemstad, divided in two parts. We take you to the Western side called Otrobanda, which literally means ‘the other side’. You also visit the Curaçao Museum housing the first plane that ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Western Hemisphere. Now you are ready to cross the Queen Juliana Bridge 165 feet high above sea level to visit the Eastern side Punda, where the sightseeing shows you the residential areas and typical old buildings that placed this island on the World Heritage List. Next step is a visit to the mansion of Chobolobo, where the famous Curaçao Blue Liqueur is made and of course you get a free taste to make the experience complete.

Duration: 2½ hours
Departure time:
Departure days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 20,-  Rack Rate per child:US$ 10,- (< 12yrs.)
Includes: entrance fees, air-conditioned bus and full narration in selected language
Requirements: cotton clothing and comfortable shoes


This tour allows the participants to flavor the island’s secluded areas not easily accessible and reflects almost 100% of the surface. First we visit the Southeast part of Curaçao where on top of the High Elevation of Seinpost you witness the hilly countryside that makes the island swinging in all senses. We pass by typical residential areas to the North to experience from a close distance how the island’s people make it everyday. Now you are ready to head West, where the first stop is at the waist; the narrowest part of Curaçao. We continue with a photo stop at an Old Kunuku Hut and learn how these habitats were made, using natural ingredients produced by the soil. Then you are ready to visit the spectacular cave at Boka Tabla, the impressive underwater encounter nobody can miss. The tour continues to Westpoint, the ultimate western point and experience the fisherman life and the black sand predominating this area. Next stop is going South passing by nice beaches and the salt-flats of Jan Kok, where if possible the flamingoes are seen eating shrimps.

Duration: 4 hours
Departure time:
08:30 or 13:00
Departure days: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 32,50 Rack Rate per child: US$ 16,25
Includes: entrance fees, air-conditioned bus and Prof. Guide.
Requirements: camera, cotton clothing and comfortable shoes

03. Dinah Veeris, Aloe plantation and OSTRICH FARM ENCOUNTER

Visit to ‘Den Paradera’, the botanical- and historical garden founded by Dinah Veeris… Where ‘Curaçao’s Herb Doctor” herself, will give a guided tour and explain more about herbal medicines and historical tales of the island. Visit to the Aloe Plantation where an Aloe expert will show the divinity of this healing plant. Get to know the biggest birds on earth? Join us on this educational and interactive tour that gives the unique opportunity to feed these birds with bare hands. Learn the development from egg to adult bird and experience this wonderful reptile a like creature. Once at the Farm, you aboard a Safari Jeep with an expert guide to hear all about the Ostrich. You will learn the difference between the black and gray colored animals, the reddish flame on their peeks, how fast they can run and how far they can see.

Duration: 4 hours
Departure time: 10.00
Departure days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 42,- Rack Rate per child: US$ 21,-
Includes: entrance fees, transfer, guides at every location, free drink at Dinah Veeris Garden.
Requirements: cotton clothing and comfortable shoes


Corals and fish with bare eyes? The best-sold aquatic safari on Curaçao departs from your place of stay and heads Southeast to Caracas Bay Island. Once there you are taken to the entrance of Santa Barbara Beach at the side of the Goat Mountain. After a professional briefing underlining the techniques to hold the paddles, a life jacket and a bottle of cool water, you embark your canoe as the captain himself. From this point the corals and fish are visible, the Goat Mountain with typical natural vegetation, local birds watching you and gradually you reach the luxurious habitat area of the Spanish Waters. Your canoe guide will point out where the Dutch Crown Prince lives and the Curaçao Yacht club. Turning around the Goat Mountain you reach the Baya Beach Club, where you disembark your vessel to enjoy a refreshing free Fruit Punch. Now you are ready to put on your snorkel equipment, still with your life jacket on, to reach the Sunken Tugboat for the Snorkel Trip. The spectacular underwater world with the corals, tropical fish, wreck and reef cannot be described, so take a look for your own. If the snorkel guide can convince you to come out of water, still you have a beach break left with a free beach chair.

Duration: 3½ hours
Departure time: 13:30
Departure days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 50,- Rack Rate per child: NO CHILD PRICE
Includes: entrance fees, canoe & snorkel equipment, free cool bottle of water, free Fruit Punch, free Beach Chair and air-conditioned bus.
Requirements: cotton clothing, swim wear, towel, sun-glasses, sun-lotion and comfortable shoes


First a drive thru Otrobanda, the western side of the old capital Willemstad, showing you the residential and commercial sections of this lively part. We stop at a former military hospital, the actual Curaçao Museum to personally guide you around the antique furnished rooms. We pass by the kitchen to see the old tools used to cook, the washbasin traditionally used to be absolved from guilt and to explain why the white polka dots on the wall. Then it’s party time with the carillon, the biggest organ in the Caribbean that must be played with both hands and feet. The museum guide knows which song you like, so you just sing along. In the basement this museum displays the Indian excavations and you witness how the first inhabitants lived thousands of years ago on the island. Now youngsters and adults are ready to observe the Snip, the first Royal Dutch Airline plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Holland to Curaçao. This flight took a couple of days, so the story about it is really interesting. After the museum we cross the 165 feet high Queen Juliana Bridge to drive thru the residential area Rooi Catootje and show you the Zoo at Cas Corá, preparing to enter the Timeless Beauty of the Hato Caves afterwards. The Hato Caves located at the Nothern part of the island, is a tremendous evidence of stalactites, stalagmites, fresh water pools, huge pillars and furious alcoves. The cave guide waits to show you the natural statues looking like famous artists around the world, the light-room with a natural opening allowing sunlight to come and a secret we can not tell. (Entrance encloses 49 steps and pictures are restricted).

Duration: 2½ hours
Departure time: 13:30
Departure days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 27,-     Rack Rate per child: US$ 13,50
Includes: entrance fees, air-conditioned bus.
Requirements: cotton clothing and comfortable shoes


Maritime lovers attention ‘cause this tour must have been designed especially for you. First you embark a vessel to experience one of the greatest natural harbors in the world and the second largest of the Dutch Kingdom after Rotterdam. The harbor guide explains how formations of millions of years ago, resulted in this waterway, winner as the best harbor on many occasions. Passing by the Bay of Versali, named after the French domination on the island, you witness the huge container harbor and one of the biggest dry docks in the Western Hemisphere. We navigate under the Queen Juliana Bridge back to the Maritime Museum for a guided tour in this fascinating building. Want to see Peter Stuyvesant the first Governor of Curaçao and the first of the actual New York? Want to see the proud maker of the pontoon bridge, the only one left in the world? Then we head to the number one attraction on the island called the Seaquarium, where we take you in the underwater observatory, a semi-submarine. Just dry as you are you sit relax and enjoy the sting-rays, sharks, turtle’s and hundreds of fish, as they come close to you. Now we go for the Sea Lion called ‘Chichi’, the sharks in the pool and the Dolphin watching, as they graciously play in water. Hold a sea star in your own hands and see the flamingoes from a close distance.

Duration: 3½ hours
Departure time: 13:30
Departure days: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 40,-   Rack Rate per child: US$ 20,--
Includes: entrance fees, air-conditioned bus.
Requirements: cotton clothing and comfortable shoes


Treat yourself with the island’s famous BEACH EXPRESS. Curaçao offers you over 30 beaches to visit. You can rent a car or take a taxi to get to the beaches at the far West Side of the island. Another simple option is to hop on the Beach Bus. The Beach Bus will take you to some of the remote tropical beaches of Banda’bou (Far West Side of the island). Once on the beach, you can swim, snorkel, be active or just relax while getting tanned under the Caribbean sun. With the Beach Express you will be in a group accompanied by a driver and local guide. The Beach Bus is not a modern, luxurious air-conditioned tour bus. You will experience something local and fun, something “Island Style”! The Beach Bus is a hand painted fully colored, authentic (school) bus with a local flavor blended within the bus by giving everything in and around the bus a local touch of Curaçao. The Beach Bus will pick you up near your hotel (Bus Stop within 2 minute walking distance) and head towards the beaches of Banda’bou. This is not only a pick up service, but during this Tropical Beach Hopping Tour, you will receive valuable Island Information, and learn something about the surroundings of our beautiful beaches. The Beach Express Tour Service makes our beaches more accessible to you and will help you to fully enjoy the Curaçao Experience!

A journey to the unspoiled!

Duration: 6 hours
Departure time: 08:30
Departure days: Tuesday and Thursday.
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 35,- Rack Rate per child: US$ 25,-
Includes: entrance fees, cold lunch on the beach, 2 drinks, full narration in selected language
Requirements: cotton clothing, beach / swim wear, towels, snorkel equipment, camera, sun-glasses, sun-lotion and comfortable shoes


Experience the beauty of Curaçao on a tour that takes you through historic Willemstad. The Trolley Train takes you through Scharloo, a neighborhood lined with picturesque homes built during the 1800’s. Stop for a great photo at ‘bolo di bruit’, known as the “wedding cake house” Pass by Pietermaai Cathedral, the floating market and Queen Wilhelmina Park as you listen to interesting narration from a knowledgeable guide. Visit the Mikve Israel Emmanuel Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere. Enjoy a stop at Fort Amsterdam, built in 1635 to guard the entrance to the harbor from enemy ships.

Duration:  1 hours
Departure time: 9.00
Departure days: Wednesday
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 15,- Rack Rate per child: US$ 10,-
Includes: entrance fees, ride in Trolley Train, Full narration
Requirements: cotton clothing, comfortable shoes


Descend into a hull of a cruising underwater observatory.Sit in air-conditioned comfort five feet below the surface, exploring sea life through large, clear glass windows. Enjoy lively narration from a marine expert.See dozens of tropical fish as well delicate colonies of coral. Watch in awe as a diver is surrounded by hungry fish hand-fed right in front of your window.

Duration:  1 hour
Departure time: 09:00
Departure days: Wednesday
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 25,- Rack Rate per child: US$ 15,-
Includes: entrance, air-conditioned semi submarine, full narration.
Requirements: Non


A short motor cruise eastwards along the coast brings us to Caracasbaai where we snorkel over the famous sunken tugboat wreck lying in 14 feet (4m) water depth. Join in with our fish feeding experience and marvel at the wonderful variety of shapes and colors that surround you. Next we make a scenic tour of Spanish Water lagoon, a most picturesque and unique setting, ending with a refreshing swim at beautiful Santa Barbara Beach. Following the tour we hoist sails and enjoy an easy cruise into the sunset home to Willemstad.

Duration:  6 hour
Departure time: 09:00
Departure days: Wednesday and Friday
Rack Rate per adult: US$ 40,- Rack Rate per child: US$ 32,-
Includes: transport, welcome aboard iced fruit punch, boat trip, use of the ship's snorkel equipment and snacks
Requirements: cotton clothing, beach/ swim wear, towels, camera, sun-glasses and sun-lotion.

For Reservations Mail to:tours@bonbinicuracao.com

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